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Looking for Butcher Shop Insurance?

We offer an alternative to business insurance for butchers

Choose The Retail Mutual for your butcher shop cover

  • Up to £10 million Employers’ Liability cover
  • Up to £500,000 Business Interruption cover
  • Shopfront and fixed glass cover as standard
  • We don’t charge admin, cancellation or broker fees
  • We provide flexible cover to suit the needs of individual businesses
  • Interest-free instalments available
  • UK-based call centre which provide a simple and efficient service
  • Over 5,000 Members who are just like you

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The Retail Mutual is dedicated to protecting independent businesses. As a discretionary mutual, we provide a range of adaptable cover solutions which reflect the fundamentals of insurance to support, safeguard and offer you peace of mind and assistance when you need to make a claim.

What does butcher shop
insurance offer?

Your butcher shop is here to serve your loyal customers with prime cuts of fresh meat: steaks to sizzle, burgers for the barbecue and gammon for the grill. But being a butcher can be risky when you’re using sharp objects, handling raw meat and trying to keep your premises clean and safe. It’s important to have the right cover in place to protect your customers, your staff and your livelihood against everyday risks that can have a major impact.

Take a fresh approach to butcher shop insurance

Being a butcher can keep you busy, from chopping meat to sharpening knives and wiping down surfaces, so it’s important to have a business cover that works as hard as you.

At The Retail Mutual, we have used our extensive knowledge and years of experience of independent retailers to provide you with an alternative to butcher shop insurance. Our butcher shop cover provides you with the protection you require so that you can continue to successfully run your business should you need to make a claim.

One of the things that makes us unique is that we are not an insurance company. We are a discretionary mutual, which means we can be more flexible in our approach whilst still meeting the fundamental requirements you expect from insurance, such as offering support, security, peace of mind and financial protection when you need it most.

What’s more, as a discretionary mutual, we are owned and controlled by our Members. The Retail Mutual doesn’t have shareholders expecting to make a profit, it is created purely for the needs of its Members.

What does butcher shop cover offer?

Employers’ Liability cover

If you employ any full or part-time staff, including volunteers, temporary staff or seasonal workers, you are legally required to have Employers’ Liability insurance. For example, if a member of staff injures themselves on your machinery, you could face an Employers’ Liability claim. We offer up to £10 million of protection backed by an insurance policy to meet your legal obligations.

Stock cover

Without your stock, you wouldn’t have a business. Stock cover protects your goods from loss, theft and accidental damage both in your butcher shop and in transit. This means that if an incident occurs, the cost of your meat or other stock could be reinstated. This can also include chilled or deep-frozen stock.

Contents cover

The smooth functioning of your business relies heavily on your butchers’ equipment including machinery, kitchen appliances, computer equipment and more. Contents cover enables you to replace such equipment in the event of an unexpected incident such as flooding, fire or theft.

Business Interruption cover

Should an incident like a fire occur at your business, it is likely you’ll require time to make repairs and restore your butcher’s shop. Business Interruption cover may compensate you for overheads, interim payments and even staff wages until you get back on your feet. The Retail Mutual offers cover up to £500k as standard with higher limits available on request.

Public Liability cover

Public Liability cover protects you in the event that a customer or member of the public brings a claim against you for an injury suffered on your premises. For instance, if they slip or trip on your butcher’s shop floor, or experience food poisoning as a result of produce you have supplied. The Retail Mutual offers cover up to £5 million.

Buildings cover

If you own your premises, you will want to be sure you are suitably covered, from roof and foundations to fixed shelving and display units. We offer flexible limits to meet your needs as part of our buildings cover for butchers.

What makes The Retail Mutual different?

When you pay for your butcher shop cover, you’re not just another customer, you become a Member of The Retail Mutual’s supportive independent business community. Your financial contribution supports other businesses needing to claim, and in the same way, their contribution helps you in your time of need.

Unlike insurance providers, the Retail Mutual offers discretionary cover which means we can take a slightly different approach when it comes to claims handling. Sometimes a claim falls outside the agreed cover limits or agreed terms. Usually, this means the claim will be rejected but in the case of a discretionary mutual, this decision can be appealed to the Claims Committee. The Claims Committee acts on behalf of all the Mutual Members. The Committee considers everything when making their decision. They can decide to pay the claim or uphold the original claim decision.

What our Members have to say

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