COVID-19 guidance for retailers

We have created this page full of useful and insightful content to hopefully help answer your questions around the coronavirus pandemic and assist you to navigate through these unprecedented events.

Support for businesses

What to do if employees cannot work due to coronavirus

There are many aspects to consider if an employee cannot attend work due to coronavirus. In this article, we look at different aspects of a return to work for employees and what your role is as their employer.

How to keep your staff safe during the coronavirus pandemic

Your employees’ health and wellbeing is of paramount importance and if you are the owner of an retail business, here is our helpful guide to keeping your staff safe in the workplace.

Everything you need to know about wearing face coverings

There are some places where it is a requirement by law to wear a face covering. In this article, we look at when, where and why face covering should be used.

How to keep your staff and customers safe in your retail premises

Going through the Government guidance can be daunting, so we have put together this article which holds the key information on how to make your business Covid-secure for you staff and customers in your retail premises.

How to keep your staff and customers safe in your barbershop or hair salon

Running a barbershop or hair salon involves being in close contact with your client and so making your business covid-secure is paramount to keeping your staff and customers safe. Here is our guide to navigating the Government’s guidance.

How to keep your staff and customers safe in your restaurant or café

The Government issued a comprehensive document for keeping workers and customers safe in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaways services during COVID-19 but it can be a minefield. We have pulled together this article to help you navigate the guidance.

Summary of Government coronavirus support for businesses

We have put together a summary of the Government’s coronavirus support measures that businesses can apply for so that you can find the right help for your business.

Government measures to protect businesses from aggressive rent collection and closure

In response to the pandemic, the Government announced new measures to protect the UK high street against aggressive rent collection and closure. In this article, we look at what the new temporary measures are.

The Retail Mutual Cover Documents

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