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The local community run business, be it a shop, pub or café, is an essential part of rural life. Secluded villages nestled away in the British landscape can be picturesque, but with many villages situated five miles or more from local amenities and with a lack of public transport, their remoteness can be problematic for some residents. Without a central hub such as a community-run coffee shop, tearoom or pub it can also be difficult for residents to socialise and build a sense of community.

Having a business owned and run by the local community, can benefit an entire village and solve some of the issues of rural living. It is vital to have the right type of insurance in place to help protect your community business and ensure it continues to support the local community.

Why do you need community business insurance?

  • To give you financial peace of mind that you can keep your business running if the unexpected happens
  • To protect your community business from the potential risks and hazards of running a business
  • To provide cover if a member of the public injures themselves in your community shop, pub or café and decides to make a claim
  • To provide cover if one of your employees or volunteers has an accident or suffers an injury whilst working in the business
  • To replace any equipment or tools which are accidentally damaged
  • To replace stock damaged or stolen by an event such as fire or flood or break-in
  • To cover the cost of making any repairs to the business’s building or fascia if they are damaged by vandalism, fire, flooding or as the result of a break in
  • In some scenarios it could pay for gross profits lost from circumstances beyond your control, for example if the business is closed due to fire damage

We offer a range of community business cover options with different cover limits to suit your individual requirements, these include:

Public liability cover

Employers’ liability cover

Stock and contents cover

Business interruption cover

Buildings cover

If you want to find out about what the different types of cover are and what they include then click the button below.

An alternative to community business insurance

At The Retail Mutual we know having the right type of insurance doesn’t just provide protection and peace of mind but is vital for a successful community business. Founded on extensive knowledge and years of experience of protecting independent retailers, we provide an alternative to insurance for community shops, pubs and cafes in some of the UK’s most remote rural areas. Our business cover reflects the fundamentals of insurance, like offering you support, security, peace of mind and financial protection, but with the bonus of being a discretionary mutual. By combining different cover options and flexible limits, The Retail Mutual has created an adaptable cover solution that helps safeguard, community businesses when they need it most.

How can our community business cover protect your business?

Peace of mind for community shops, pubs, coffee shops, tearooms, cafes and even bakeries.

Public liability cover – protection if a customer slips or trips while on your business premises and brings a claim against you

Employers’ liability cover – protection for any volunteer or paid employee working in the community business who has an accident or injuries themselves and brings a claim against you

Cover for any damage or loss of stock or contents due to a theft, break-in, ram raid or other incident

Replacement of money that is stolen from a secure place on your premises as a result of a theft, break-in or armed robbery

Cover for damage, theft or delay in transit of stock

Business interruption cover to keep your business afloat in case of fire, flooding or general disruption from suppliers of electricity, gas, water or telecommunications

Protection against accidental damage to buildings and fixed glass if you take out buildings cover

What makes The Retail Mutual different?

When you take out community business cover, you’re not just another customer; you become a Member of The Retail Mutual’s supportive independent business community and all the other benefits that entails. Your contribution helps support other likeminded business owners, such as your local baker, florist or coffee shop and their contribution supports you when you need it most.

Unlike insurance providers, the Retail Mutual offers discretionary cover. The Mutual delegates its claims discretion to a Board of Directors appointed from its’ Membership who are or have been retail business owners themselves. The Mutual empowers its Directors to make key decisions and gives them the authority to agree claims that may fall outside a Member’s agreed cover levels. The Board’s Claims Committee, themselves retailers, use their in-depth knowledge and empathy to adjudicate any claims that are appealed.

As a mutual you will not find us on comparison sites

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