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As an independent retail store, you are a cornerstone of your community – a go-to supplier for customers looking for great products and an even greater service experience that won’t be found in a faceless high-street chain. People return to your shop time and again in search of something special, knowing that you will deliver.

Whether you run a boutique fashion shop, a small family-run convenience store, or a major high-street homeware store, running a business involves many risks and challenges, from damage caused by a break-in or theft of your stock, to staff or customers slipping or tripping in your store. Investing in retail insurance or other alternatives may safeguard you and your business in the event of the unexpected.

Why do you need retail business insurance?

  • To give you financial peace of mind that you can keep your retail business running if the unexpected happens
  • To protect your shop from the potential risks and hazards of running a business
  • To provide cover if a member of the public injures themselves in your shop and decides to make a claim
  • To provide cover if one of your employees has an accident or suffers an injury whilst working in your shop
  • To replace any equipment or tools which are accidentally damaged
  • To replace stock damaged or stolen by an event such as fire, flood or break-in
  • To cover the cost of making any repairs to your shop’s building or fascia due to vandalism, fire, flooding or a break in
  • In some scenarios it could pay for gross profits lost due to circumstances beyond your control, for example if the business is closed due to fire damage, or if a supplier goes bankrupt and this impacts the business financially

We offer a range of retail business cover options with different cover limits to suit your individual requirements, these include:

Public liability cover – up to £5 million

Employers’ liability cover – up to £10 million

Stock and contents cover – up to £10,000

Business interruption cover – up to £500,000

Buildings cover – up to £5 million

An alternative to retail business insurance

At The Retail Mutual we know having the right type of insurance doesn’t just provide protection and peace of mind, but it is vital for bustling retail business. One of the things that makes us unique is that we are not an insurance company. We are a discretionary mutual offering an alternative to insurance, which means we can be more flexible in our approach, whilst still meeting the fundamental requirements you expect from insurance, such as offering support, security, peace of mind, and financial protection when you most need it. As a discretionary mutual and an alternative to insurance, we are owned and controlled by our Members. The Retail Mutual doesn’t have shareholders expecting to make a profit, the Mutual is created purely for the needs of its members (you).

An alternative to retail business insurance

We cover a wide variety of independent retail stores. In fact, we take care of over 100 different trade types each with their own specific needs. Below are just some of the retail trades we have created tailored covers for. Please click on the trade types to find out more:


Convenience Stores



Off Licences



Community Businesses



Gift Shops


What type of protection can retail business cover provide?

Cover to enable your retail business to trade with peace of mind

Employers’ liability cover – protection in case any employee working in your shop, be they full time, part time, temporary, has an accident or injures themselves and brings a claim against you.

Cover for any damage or loss of stock or contents due to fire, flood, break in or other incident

Buildings cover for your retail business premises, if you own them and they are damaged as a result of a covered event, including your fascia

Business interruption cover to keep your shop afloat in case of fire, flood or general disruption from your suppliers. This may cover gross profit, lost income, increased cost of working and more

Public liability cover to protect you against claims from customers, suppliers or other third parties who are injured in your shop, for example due to slipping on a wet floor or tripping over stock or discarded packaging

Products liability to protect you if a customer suffers an injury or damage due to an item you have manufactured, sold or supplied in your shop

Cover for dishonesty on the part of any fellow directors, partners or employees, for example due to theft or fraud

Cover for cash which is stolen on the premises or in transit, up to agreed limits

What makes The Retail Mutual different?

When you pay for your shop cover, you’re not just another customer, you become a Member of The Retail Mutual’s supportive independent business community. Your financial contribution supports other businesses needing to claim, and in the same way, their contribution helps you in your time of need. Sometimes a claim falls outside the agreed cover limits or terms.

This means the claim will be rejected, but with discretionary mutual such as The Retail Mutal, you can appeal the decision to the Claims Committee. The Retail Mutual’s Claims Committee is made up exclusively of representatives from our Membership, thereby ensuring that your best interests are always fairly considered by like-minded experts from within the retail community. The committee reviews all relevant information when asked to consider a claim appeal, and it has full authority to overturn previous claim decisions.

As a mutual you will not find us on comparison sites

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