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Dear Members,

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on all of us and we recognise that our Members – the independent retailers and service providers on our high streets – have suffered more than many. If you were forced to close temporarily or your business was otherwise affected due to Covid-19, you may be able to make a claim on your Business Interruption cover.

Following the recent FCA Business Interruption Test Case, we are reviewing the Judgment closely to assess the decisions made and how they impact our business interruption cover.

We understand how important it is to resolve this situation as quickly as possible and avoid any unnecessary delay in claims being processed. Therefore, although our review of the Judgment is still ongoing and we are currently unable to confirm the extent of the cover, we are inviting you on a strictly without prejudice basis (i.e. without prejudice to the cover position) to let us know the total of the losses you may be seeking to recover as a result of the impact of Covid-19 on your business, as well as the evidence you will be submitting in support of your claim.

Before submitting your claim, please review the statements below to ensure these apply to your situation. If the following statements do not apply to you, unfortunately, you will be unable to make a claim.

What does the Mutual give cover for?

The Mutual’s Business Interruption cover for the effects of Covid-19 on a Member’s business is for loss of profit because:

  • the Government said the premises must be closed, or
  • someone working at, or visiting the premises had Covid-19, or
  • the virus that causes Covid-19 was found at the premises.

In each case, you must have clear evidence that your business has been interrupted or interfered with.  For example, no cover exists if people ‘self-isolated’ at home and/or the premises were ‘deep cleaned’, but the business was able to continue trading with no discernible impact on profits.

Can I make a claim?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may wish to consider making a claim:

  • Did you have to close your premises because the Government said you must?
  • Has someone visited your premises whilst infected with Covid-19, and:
    • in Scotland, was that on or after 22 February 2020?
    • in Northern Ireland, was that on or after 29 February 2020?
    • in England or Wales, was that on after 5 March 2020?
  • Has the virus which causes Covid-19 been found at your premises, and:
    • in Scotland, was that on or after 22 February 2020?
    • in Northern Ireland, was that on or after 29 February 2020?
    • in England or Wales, was that on after 5 March 2020?

The Mutual can only consider your claim if you had the right cover at the time you are claiming for.

How much can I claim for?

There is a limit shown on your Schedule on how much the Mutual may pay if your claim is agreed.

Is there cover if my premises were closed but my business carried on?

Even if you had to close your premises there may not be cover. For example, if you continued to run an existing takeaway or on-line business, your business may not have been “interrupted” or “interfered with”.

If you had to close your premises but your business was able to operate somewhere else, there may be cover.

If you changed your business to survive and your profit reduced, you may have a claim.

Can I claim if I decided to close when I didn’t have to?

If your business was allowed to stay open, but you decided to close (even if it was to protect yourself, your staff, your family and your customers) you will not be able to claim. Cover only applies if the Government said you must close your premises.

Can I make a claim if I had fewer customers?

Unfortunately, there is no cover for reduced profits if you had fewer customers, or if you decided to close because you had fewer customers.  The cover only applies if the Government said you must close your premises.

How can I make a claim?

Based on the information above, if you feel you have a claim under the business interruption cover, please click here for the claim form. You can complete the form online, or you can email or post the completed form to us.

You will need to provide certain information or evidence to support your claim. Full details of what is required can be found in the claim form.

The Mutual will look carefully at the facts of each claim in deciding whether the claim falls within the cover and how much it may agree to pay.  We may have to ask you for more information and documents to support your claim.

If you have any queries about your cover or if you need any help completing the claim form, please email us at [email protected].

Yours sincerely

CHairman (Peter Wagg) Signature

Peter Wagg
Chairman, The Retail Mutual

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