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Since the World Cup kicked off in June 2018 there seemed to be a series of events which captured the nation’s attention. First, the CO2 shortages threatened weekend barbeques and football watching both at home and away in the pub. Swiftly followed by England making it through to the semi-final and England Manager, Gareth Southgate’s style choices being thrown into the spotlight and sparking an unexpected trend – #WaistcoatWesdnesday.

But how, as an independent retailer, can you make the most of these unexpected trends? Here are our top tips on just that.

1. Follow the news and social media

This might seem obvious, but the news and social media are the platforms which allow you to stay up-to-date with current trends and stories that you could seize an opportunity from. Whether it’s stock of waistcoats, beard trim inspiration, crafting ideas or travel destinations, this is your ultimate brainstorm starting point.

2. Get online and share your products

So, you’ve spotted a trend that relates to a product you have in your store – share, share, share on social media. Whilst this isn’t a guaranteed method of instant traffic, it’s a great way to be reactive and current whilst also creating an opportunity to spark conversations with your local community. Social media can be a fantastic tool at helping your business stand out, check out more tips here.

3. Make some noise

Don’t just make the most of it on social, make a splash and make some noise on your local high street. You could use your window display, engage your staff and capture some new attention from passers-by.

4. Note missed opportunities

You’ve noticed it’s a national this or that day tomorrow and you just don’t have the time to prepare something to showcase what you have in store. Save it, note it down in the diary for the following year.

5. Pick your moments

Having said all that, it is important to pick your moments. Don’t force a connection with a trending hashtag or news story, not every one you see is going to be the right fit for your business.

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